ScrubBill makes shipping integration and address cleaning easy. Clean your address data against a proven SA address database using trusted methods.

Benefits for eCommerce Stores:

Manage your online orders, set them for delivery, and automatically fulfil them – all behind one convenient login.

  1. ScrubBill helps to facilitate and improve the partnership between the courier and your store.
  2. Saves the admin and hassle of chopping and changing between couriers looking for the cheapest bid and instead focuses on a long-term partnership. Store owners should be able to effectively negotiate better rates with their chosen courier based on the time and money saving of using the ScrubBill system.

Benefits for Couriers:

Get customers to clean address data before waybill creation. We improve delivery success rates, saving you both time & money.

  1. Use ScrubBill to improve your system by offering faster, more accurate, more hassle free solutions / services for your clients.
  2. Addresses are cleaned and validated against SA postal service data – saving time at the depots and improving first time deliveries.
  3. ScrubBill is used as a white label product and is branded as your own. Your company is seen as being the solution.
  4. Give back to your clients by saving them time and money.
  5. Use ScrubBill to maintain an effective relationship / partnership with your clients.

How does ScrubBill save time and money?

  1. Order info is automatically pulled. No more copy and paste.
  2. Addresses are validated against SA postal service data saving time at depots and improving first time deliveries.
  3. Stickers and A4 Waybills are created instantly.
  4. All waybills at the end of each cash day are automatically manifested
  5. Each order is automatically fulfilled on the ecommerce platform when manifested – No more manual processing required and less room for human error.

Key Features

What does ScrubBill DO?

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Sync Your Online Orders

Sync Your Online Orders on ONE Smart Dashboard

Address Cleaning

Clean BAD Address Data to improve 1st Time Delivery

Create Pick Pack Lists

Create Pick Pack Lists

Auto Print Waybills

Create & Print SmartWaybills™

Quick Fulfilment

Quick & Easy Fulfilment

Courier Notification

Courier Notifications

Order Tracking

Email Order Tracking Links to Customers

Quick Returns

Quick Returns