At its core, ScrubBill is a translator. We speak all the different languages so you don’t have to. You likely don’t want to hear the term integration or plugin, you just want your orders fulfilled faster and more accurately.

We take care of the heavy lifting, allowing you to concentrate on what’s important;  your customers and your store.


Scrubbill was built by frustrated eCommerce store owners, and they continue its development today. Our features and changes are driven by store owners and their needs, nobody else. At the core of our success is a reliable, fast user interface coupled with leading address validation for South African addresses. We have a proven track record of improving delivery success rates, saving you frustration, time and money.


100’s of online stores and 16+ couriers trust ScrubBill to manage their fulfilment quickly and securely. We provide the tools to get what you need from our partners, and the flexibility to react to change instantly. Our easy pricing structure allows any store the ability to manage their fulfilment, and often you won’t pay at all if you are using one of our platinum partners services.


You can start right now, we simply need a few details from you upfront. To save some time, you can submit them here.

Are you a busier store with a special need in your fulfilment? Let us know below, and we will make sure a specialised team schedules some time to hear you out. Contact us here.