It’s an exciting time for online businesses in South Africa, and things are progressing quickly at ScrubBill too!

And so, without further adieu…

Welcome to our new website 🙂

Take a look around and feel free to add any comments & suggestions.

Just to “catch you up” quick-quick…

After the successful launch of our first application in 2017, the decision was made early this year to re-develop our offering from the ground up. It wasn’t difficult really, we simply took what our customers loved about v1.0 and made it even more awesome.

We knew nothing of the looming pandemic at the time, but even without the benefit of hindsight, this decision has proven to be perfectly timed. And so, v2.0 of our app was successfully launched in July ’20 – albeit under lockdown.


This re-investment in ourselves has allowed us to more reliably support the ever growing popularity of our product. This newer “streamlined” version has already made it easier for us to support more eCommerce stores and Couriers.

Behind the scenes we’ve focused on the scalability & reliability of our software too. So no matter how big (or small) our customers are, they can rely on us to continue to improve their business processes.

P.S. we have more exciting functionality on the way, so watch this space!

So what’s next?

Under the dark shadow of the COVID19 pandemic, a lot of businesses have been forced to find new ways to market – e-commerce being the obvious and most affordable choice. Along with this new surge in e-commerce activity, Couriers have been struggling to find a reliable way to service these new clients too.

With address data captured via eCommerce stores being notoriously unreliable, ScrubBill is now more relevant than ever for both Shops and Couriers. To find out more about how ScrubBill can benefit your company, read more here.

Onward and Upward.

Bring on 2021!

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